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Geemy GM 6123 Hair Clipper


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  • Portable
  • Latest Design
  • Durable

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20 in stock

Geemy GM 6123 Hair Clipper

Buy Geemy GM 6123 Hair Clipper Rechargeable Professional Hair Shaver  lowest Online Price in Sri Lanka.Best Quality product.Delivery will take to 1 to 5 days.Fast deliveries with in Colombo City Limits.Cash on delivery and Credit card Payment and Bank Transfer Payment methods available.

  • High Performance T Blade
  • ON/OFF Switch for Easy Operation
  • Indicator Light
  • 6/9/12mm Cutting Length Comb
  • Oil Bottle
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Wire
  • Professional detachable blade
  • Easy for a Variety of Styles use for any ages
  • Low noise during operation very slim and the baby to sleep for a hair cut.
  • Clever Ergonomic  structural design and technology can be trimmed
  • East to carry anywhere
1.The appliance as supplied by the manufacturer is not yet ready for use It
must be electrically charged prior to use.
2. Insert the plug of the battery charging stand 4 into a socket. Warning This
appliance must be charged at the specificd voltage! You can store the
remainder the charging stand 4 (110-220V 50Hz/60H2), In order to charge the
appliance it should be placed in the battery charging stand 4 so that the
control lanmp 5 lights up. While the appliance is being charged, the switch
must be set at “o” (the “0” must be visible).A charging period of 16 hours is
required before initial use. Take care to kcep the charging contacts 3 clean,
as soiled charging contacts can interfere with the charging process.
Overcharging of the appliance is not possible.
3. After charging the appliance is ready for use. It can be used with or without
the cilp-on comb attachment. To attach the clip-on comb attachment, slide it
onto the cutting head I until it clicks into position. The appliance must be
switched oT while the clip-on comb attachment is being attached or
4. The clip-on comb attachment is easily adjustable. Simply slide it up or down
the cutting head 1. The hair can be cut to 4 different lengths rangng from
approximately 3 mm to 6 mm. The position of the elip-on comb attachment
on the cutting head determines the length of the haircut.
S.After using the appliance, switch it off and replace it in the battery charging
stand 4 to be recharged the control lamp 5 must light up. In order to retain the
load capacity of the storage battery we recommend to
Use the storage battery until it is empty before reloading.
Switch the appliance off before replacing the cutting head!
the perfomance of the appliance deteriorates after extended use despte
egular cleaning and maintenance,the cutting head IT should be replaced (the
cuting head can be ordered as a spare part from the Service Department) Fin
remove the hexagonal screw on the cutting head 1 by means of the hexagonal
spanner attached to the underside of the charging stand 4 in the direction
and remove the old cutting head (Fig.2).Important: First remove the scret
then remOve the cutting head’ Place the new cutting head on the man body
of the applhance and screw on place with the spanner (direction
Switch the appliance oft betore cleaning or caryng out maintenance
In order to ensure that the appliance remains in pertect working oeder,
t 1s mportant to note the following instructions
In order to retain the load capacity of the storage battey we recommend
to use the storage battery until it 1s empty betore reloadung
when you discard your shaver in due course.please remove the batery and
throw the battery away with the nomal household waste.or hand over the battery to electrical wastage point.
Hair Clipper
Hair Clipper
hair clipper
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